Pretty good week!

After last Sunday’s Water of Life achievement, this week was either a case of resting on my laurels and letting things go to pot or keeping on keeping on and achieving some good runs. I decided to do a bit of both. 

A 3K and 5K recovery run to keep my hand in – both pretty good and made me realise I should be doing more. Then today (Sunday) another 10K from Naphill to Lacey Green and back again. Very slow – partly due to the foggy weather conditions but mainly due to being sluggish from eating too much junk in the week / not enough sleep / a short but stressful work week (things are pretty tough for a small international business in pre-Brexit Britain folks, I am SO glad I’m running to de-stress nowadays). But a 10K is a 10K and it felt like a good achievement. 

And generally on the achievements front, Garmin Connect tells me I’m now averaging over 19Ks a week which is good – but I’ll need to step it up in the coming weeks. 

This Tuesday I’m off to India so I’ll do a post from there on the challenges of Bangalore road running…or it might just be a post about running on a hotel Treadmill. And there’s a thing; I chose my hotel this time based on the gym facilities rather than the price / restaurant factor, how times change…

Don’t forget guys, the point of this blog is to keep you all aware of my training for the London Marathon 2017 – less than 6 months to go. I’m running for the amazing education charity “Ambitious About Autism” and I’m posting in the hope that you might be inspired to sponsor me at some point – sponsor links somewhere on this page. Check out my archive and comment if you want to ask me any questions. 

Peace and love for now – keep running! 

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  1. There is a YouTube of a guy running in Bangalore , funnily enough he ends up on a treadmill !!!! Great achievement again this week Andy , keep it up, and keep the progress steady! Think the rule of thumb is not more than 10% each week. R x

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