Ambitious About Autism

So why did I choose to get involved with this bunch over other charities? After some research and a lot of heart searching, these guys seemed like a good fit for my family and my ethos:

  • They are not a big national charity with smart offices in C.London – their offices are on-site at one of the schools that they run.
  • They work specifically with young people, providing specialist education for kids and teens alike, giving them a chance in life and some more specific care than they would get in mainstream or even specialist/ARP education.
  • They ‘own’ three educational establishments and mould them to the specific needs of the autistic spectrum.
  • Their board and patron group is made up of people who have a good track record, including many parents of autistic kids.
  • Above all, they seemed like a really nice bunch when I started talking to them about joining the team.

I really look forward to working with them further and helping the cause, even if only a little bit. More info on their website:


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